What is you couldn’t see what’s right in front of you? I hate to tell you, but this happens to most of us when we reach our mid 40’s because we lose the ability to zoom in to focus at near. It’s a natural maturation of the eyes called Presbyopia. Another condition that can interfere with seeing clear at near, but starts much younger in children and teens, and is due to hyperopia where the eyes are underpowered so reading glasses are needed to help focus on books and computers.

Americans spend more than 11 hours/day interacting with digital media. People need to see their computers, tablets and mobile phones. Worse yet, market research by @allerganeye shows that 90% of patients are frustrated or irritated with their presbyopia. Yikes! That’s a lot of people who are unhappy with their reading glasses or contact lenses. 

I’ve heard my patients complain bitterly about presbyopia for the past 33 years as an optometrist, and frankly I got tired of it so I figured out a solution that is more in lien with how we use our eyes in the digital world. We don’t sit and work at one desk anymore. We do a lot of work on our phones while on the go. I see people using their phones when they are in line at @starbucks while they are at their kids’ @ayso_soccer game, or while they are on the subway. Basically, people are on their phones wherever they are, and carrying reading glasses with them isn’t practical, and is a hassle. 

So I invented and patented @Nearsight a mobile reading lens that allows you to see things on and off your phone without having to whip out your cumbersome reading glasses. 

We have completed our first round of prototype testing and are looking for a few more people to use NearSight and give us feedback for our final design changes before we go to market. 

The requirements are:

You have to have an iPhone X (the one with only two camera lenses instead of three)

Be willing to give us feedback and fill out 3 short surveys

Do a video or picture with testimonial 

Need reading glasses to see close up meaning you are either presbyopic or hyperopic

As a thank you gift, you’ll get a brand new NearSight once we launch which should be in a few months.

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