Meet NearSight

NearSight is a reading lens attachment and the first real alternative to reading glasses that allows you to see on AND off your phone. It also doubles as a protective case, and is the brainchild of Hollywood Optometrist Dr. Elise Brisco. NearSight allows you to work on your mobile office without being tied down by reading glasses. 

Recently, Nearsight was voted a top three innovation in the People’s Choice Award hosted through California by Design!

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Stay Connected

No more pinching and zooming! NearSight easily slides out to make using your phone a breeze.

Read Labels & Menus

NearSight isn't just for your screen. You can use it for labels at the grocery store or menus at the restaurant.

Always With You

The beauty of NearSight is that it's always there when you need it and easily slides away when not in use.

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