The Pros and the Cons of our New Shelter-at-Home Life

It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. I am always grateful for the best of times, while I learn from the worst of times.

Besides the necessity of social distancing, and not being able to visit friends, go out to eat, go to the movies etc. many of us are dealing with having to shut down our businesses and practices. Many of us have been laid off indefinitely from our jobs. This adds more stress by not being able to earn a living to provide for our families.

On the flip side, I am grateful for my health and for being able to home school my son. We have gotten closer as we have had to stay further away from our friends at work and school. It was a secret fantasy of mine to be able to travel with my son around the world while home schooling him. The world and it’s different cultures and geographies would have been his immense classroom . I am getting a taste of it, but without the benefits of travel, and with barely leaving our house for anything.

For those of you whose gainful employment has evaporated, how are you dealing with the pros and the cons of our new shelter-at-home life?

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