Experience all that life has to offer. Even though I have messy hand writing that is almost illegible, I thought I’d try my hand at painting!

Thankfully @danielseizer and @_minervaaaa (aka the Crafts Queen) were there to guide me. The beautiful bird sanctuary was so beautiful and almost put me into a dreamlike trance.

As a Developmental Optometrist, I really enjoyed the visual aspects of painting. I savored mixing the paints to form different colors, and I loved evaluating the shapes of the landscape in front of me. The only problem was transmitting the message from my eyes and heart through the brain to my hands. My hands were not cooperating!

I still had a wonderful time, and I thank all of my friends at @ucsantabarbara and @ucsb_fvc.

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Nearsight Testers Needed!

What is you couldn’t see what’s right in front of you? I hate to tell you, but this happens to most of us when we reach our mid 40’s because we lose the ability to zoom in to focus at near. It’s a natural maturation of the eyes called Presbyopia.

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Nearsight: Female Founder and Inventor

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see what’s right in front of you. As we age, we gradually lose the ability to see close up, which is called presbyopia. But you don’t need to be middle-aged to need reading glasses. If your eyes are under powered or farsighted, you could need reading glasses at a much younger age, even as a child.

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CBS California By Design Premiere

I am extremely excited to announce that my newest patented invention, NearSight, will be featured on episode 3 of California by Design which will be premiering on CBS this coming Saturday, June 27th! California by Design is a new show that will be dedicated to promoting the best of the best Califoirnian innovations, ingenuity and design excellence.

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