Come together while social distancing. We need each other more than ever now to stay at home for the good of all,

Practice acts of random kindness to spread good energy. All of us could use a reason to smile. Share supplies with friends and family, and donate masks and gloves to help our doctors and nurses on the front line.

I’m usually a cool cucumber, and stay calm through most ordeals, but I am beginning to feel anxious and restless. My staff roasted me at our Christmas party that when it’s super busy at the office, and we are behind schedule due an especially difficult case load, my staff will be running around with their heads cut off. Then I will walk in smiling with my calm demeanor much to their disbelief!

My secret is faith, exercise, meditation and mindfulness, and taking a deep breath to enjoy the moment.

We are OK, and we are going to all be OK if we follow the CDC’s guidelines for the love of our community. So be safe, stay at home, we are all counting on each other to get through this.

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