I am extremely excited to announce that my newest patented invention, NearSight, will be featured on episode 3 of California by Design which will be premiering on CBS this coming Saturday, June 27th! California by Design is a new show that will be dedicated to promoting the best of the best Califoirnian innovations, ingenuity and design excellence.

The show is all about inspiring others to change the game by disrupting the industry. The first season will feature 33 different innovations, and my newest innovation, NearSight, will be featured in episode 3 premiering on July 11th.

NearSight is the first real alternative to reading glasses that allows you to see on and off your phone. I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see what’s right in front of you! Eventually all of us lose the ability to see close-up.

Until now, the only solution was bifocal glasses or reading glasses. Reading glasses can be a hassle because they aren’t there when you need them, and it’s one more thing to carry around with you. Reading glasses can also make you feel and look old. This is why I invented NearSight. Stay tuned on July 11th to learn more about NearSight!

As a fitness enthusiast, Integrative Optometrist and Clinical Homeopath, Dr. Brisco has improved the lives of her patients for over 30 years. Call (323) 521-4770 or www.HollywoodVision.com

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