Experience all that life has to offer. Even though I have messy hand writing that is almost illegible, I thought I’d try my hand at painting! Thankfully @danielseizer and @_minervaaaa (aka the Crafts Queen) were there to guide me. The beautiful bird sanctuary was so beautiful and almost put me into a dreamlike trance. As […]

My Patent

I’m very excited! My patent came! I invented something to help everyone who is over 40 years old! Looking for investors to help me bring this to market. Please message if you can help. More to come!

International Women’s Day

Ladies: it’s our day! International Women’s Day was designated to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. My proudest achievements as a woman include: Being a mother Healer and doctor Inventor and patent holder Female founder of a start-up company Chief Medical Advisor for Natural Ophthalmics Co-formulator for two homeopathic medicines The […]

The Limited Scope of an Online Eye Exam

We work and play more with our eyes than any other part of our body. Our eyes work hard for us on the computer, catching a ball, reading, and driving a car. So getting your eyes checked once a year is the least you can do for your precious eyes. Imagine how life would be […]